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The taste of tailgates.

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Championship-level brews for the indecisive Buffalo football fan in you.
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Behind the Beer

Forever Buffalo is a Buffalo style IPA meaning it has a little more bitterness than a traditional New England Style IPA.  A lot of our beers do not fit a traditional style.  This is a perfect example.  We love NEIPAs and West Coast IPAs so what if we blended the recipes a little bit to get a more complex beer.  The result is a brew with a little more malt complexity and light to moderate bittering charge.  That beer does not have a style so we call it Buffalo IPA


This beer was made to embody the people of Buffalo and City of Good Neighbors.  The Amarillo Cryo hops were hand-picked by our hop supplier.  He travelled to Germany to try several different lots before he chose the one that we purchase and we love brewing with it.  Mosaic is one of our favorite hops to brew with – and you will find it in quite a few of our IPA’s. 


When designing this beer, we wanted to make something smooth, easy drinking – but gives a little punch of dank and piney.  That smooth, easy drinking is because we are down to earth, blue collar people - And that Dank and Piney is for that spirit of Buffalo. 


When we get 3 feet of snow or more, we find ways to overcome and help each other out.  We have that fight in all of us, that when someone is holding us down, we find ways to get back up.

Hops Used: Mosaic, Amarillo Cryo, and Columbus Cryo

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When we were creating the name for the brewery, we wanted something that really spoke to what was happening in Buffalo and its beer scene. Nothing seemed to capture the momentum and energy of what was happening all around us more than RESURGENCE. The city was coming back to life with creative ideas, renovations and new construction for the first time in decades. The beer scene in Buffalo was also coming back to life. At one point, Buffalo was home to more than 30 breweries. Now there are more than 50 in the greater Buffalo area. 

Taproom Tidbit

Pairs With (At Home!)

The slight bitterness of this IPA can cool things off, so an ideal match would be a spicier dish, such as tacos or a burger with barbeque sauce.

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Pairs With (In our Taproom!)

We recommend our shrimp wrap! The heat of the Chimichurri aioli and the hoppiness of this beer will create a very satisfying flavor profile! 

Brandon Shea, Brewer

“Buffalo Forever is very much like the city.  It resembles how our community always comes together.  Much like this beer has a variety of flavors and aromas that come together to make an easy drinking, but complex IPA.”
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