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About us


Our story

At Resurgence Brewing Company, we live by the phrase, “FU Awesome!” This company mantra came to be when our very first customer walked into our original location on Niagara Street and yelled “Ohhh, Fuck You! This is Awesome!” It was the exact response we were hoping for and represents the core values – pleasant and fun – and expectations – the standard of local craft beer – we want to carry across all aspects of the business.

We love, live and breathe Buffalo. 

Our beginnings

The idea for Resurgence Brewing was born in New York City, where owner Jeff Ware and now wife Erin would frequent beer gardens and wonder why there were no such spaces in Buffalo when they’d come home to visit family. The Wares officially packed their bags for Buffalo in January 2012 and, after two years of brewing recipes in his kitchen with a 5-gallon system rigged together out of converted Coleman coolers, cooking pots and a turkey fryer (no, seriously), opened its original location on Niagara Street in June 2014. Resurgence now brews just under 5,000 gallons of beer a week.

Resurgence beer cans.jpg

Our mission

To “Experience Beer” and be the industry standard of providing high quality, small batch craft beer and spirits in a City of Good Neighbors community gathering environment.

Our taproom

55 Chicago St. is a step back to 19th century Buffalo history. The state-of-the-art building has been Resurgence’s flagship location since June 2019, complete with a brewery, taproom, beer garden and banquet center. The taproom is the former home of EB Holmes Machinery Company, which was founded in the mid-1800s and revolutionized the process of making wooden barrels.

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