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Two Buffalo-Based Companies, One Smashable IPA

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A beer collab worth golfing about.
Smash Factor (1).heic

Behind the Beer

We teamed up with our friends at OnCore Golf to create an easy-drinking, crushable IPA - brewed and dry-hopped with Falconer's Flight, Mosaic, and a new experimental hop HBC 586. Our goal was to create an IPA golfers can enjoy at home, at the bar, and most importantly, on the golf course!


The results are an exciting beer that transitions from notes of citrus, mixed berries, and dank pine to tropical fruits like lychee, mango and guava.  Perfect for providing that liquid lubrication for smashing OnCore golf balls down the center of the fairway or keeping you from throwing your club into the trees if you shank one into the woods.  

This totally crushable collab is intended to keep you hydrated and hittin’ birdies, and with a beer in one hand and OnCore golf balls in another, it's safe to say we succeeded.

rbc head website.png

Resurgence Brewing Company began in our owner, Jeff's kitchen. It was there he brewed the first recipes of Sponge Candy Stout, Resurgence IPA and Loganberry Wit on a 5-gallon home brew system rigged together out of converted Coleman coolers, cooking pots and a turkey fryer. 

Taproom Tidbit

Pairs With (At Home!)

Because of their soft body, think of hazy IPAs as pairing best with crunchier dishes such as fried chicken, chips, a crisp potato salad, or corn on the cob. This allows you to get a nice contrast of both texture and flavor!

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Pairs With (In our Taproom!)

Try our Rip Saw Burger! Between the juicy beef & caramelized onions, to the spiciness of the pickled jalapeños & surge sauce, you’ll be surprised at how well the flavors play with each and how much the citrus juices take the sting out of the spice!

Nick Torgalski, Head Brewer

Light and crisp, full of hops & I can enjoy them all day. Brewed with lots of Citra hops and malted wheat to be bright, flavorful, and light. This beer doesn’t make me better at golf, but it makes golf better! Pairs well with…thirst!

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