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Beer & Community: A Hops to Pint Event

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A beer by the people, for the people.

Behind the Beer

In May of 2022, we hosted our inaugural “Hops to Pints” event, giving customers the opportunity to grow their own hops and use them to make a beer with us! The idea was to not only use the hops grown in the brew but also let everyone be part of the entire beer-making process. Those who participated were given baby hop plants to take home and cultivate over the summer. The hops were harvested in August, and the group helped us name, brew, and can the beer, resulting in our very first community beer collaboration! Each participant went home with their very own 4-pack of the beer they helped create and a little more knowledge about what goes into making beer!

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Our taproom is in what was the EB Holmes Machinery Company Pattern Building. Founded in the mid-1800s, the company is credited with revolutionizing the process of making wooden barrels. At the time, wooden barrels were made by hand, and it was very labor intensive. Edward and Britain Holmes (brothers) created a series of machines that made the process much quicker. Their machines won numerous awards and were used by coopers across the world.

Taproom Tidbit

Pairs With (At Home!)

Fire up the grill and burn some burgers and steaks. Grilled goodies will stand up to bigger beers, making this IPA delicious with grilled meats. Caramelization is the key here. That caramelized crust on grilled meat pulls out the caramel malt in the beer, while hop flavor and bitterness provide umami-amping contrast.

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Pairs With (In our Taproom!)

Our Cajun Chicken BBQ Wrap! Not only does It Takes a Village to Raise a Pint contrast the grilled chicken, but it also compliments all the right flavors in this wrap, especially the BBQ sauce!

Nick Torgalski, Head Brewer

“Envision a nice copper-toned ale, with notes of toasted bread and caramel - balanced with nice traditional hop notes of grapefruit, berries, and light floral notes. Along with the Cascade hops, we will add Columbus, and Palisade hops will help accentuate the citrus cascade notes. As with any whole cone addition, we will be getting in some green/grassy notes, so we want to balance that out with the bright citrus notes from Columbus and Palisade. The berry notes from the Cascade will bring out soft notes of berry and complexity to the beer. This will be made with your Hops!!!!”
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