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The taste of tailgates.

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Championship-level brews for the indecisive Buffalo football fan in you.
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Behind the Beer

The package comes in a mixed 4 pack because we love Pilsners and IPAs – and both go well on game day. The Buffalo Style IPA is a hybrid style; think NEIPA with slightly more bitterness. As for the American Pilsner, we made this beer for the everyday drinker. An easy drinking, crushable pils with a touch of floral hoppiness and light backend bitterness.


We made this beer with Buffalo Football in mind. A certain sportscaster associated the phrase “Circle the Wagons” back in the 90's championship runs, and it has stuck ever since. 


Whether it is tearing down the goalposts, winning the division title, or beating our rivals – nothing tastes better with a victory than an ice-cold beer. And it will taste even better when we bring the trophy to Buffalo and line the streets with a celebration parade! This 4 pack was made for Buffalo by people that grew up in Buffalo and have rooted themselves here. 


Hops used: Citra, Galaxy, German Amarillo.

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At Resurgence, we live by the phrase, “FU Awesome!” This company mantra came to be when our very first customer walked into our original location on Niagara Street and yelled, “Ohhh, F U! This is Awesome!” It was the exact response we were hoping for and represents the core values and expectations we want to carry across all aspects of the business.

Taproom Tidbit

Pairs With (At Home!)

Wings, obviously! No, really. It’s not just because that’s the Buffalo thing to say. While the Buffalo Style IPA enhances the spiciness and stands up to the big flavors, the pilsner acts as a palate cleanser, creating the perfect beer experience by both complementing and contrasting the flavors of the sauce.

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Pairs With (In our Taproom!)

We suggest our signature hot honey mustard or cajun honey butter wings.

Nick Torgalski, Head Brewer

It's a fun and simple game day IPA, brewed and dry hopped with Citra and Amarillo hops for a flavor profile of tropical fruits, citrus, and dank greens.  An easy drinking IPA that pairs well with all game day foods.  And the pilsner is clean, refreshing and crushable.
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