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Charity, culture, football; That’s what Buffalo does.

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Giving back to the city of good neighbors one beer at a time.

Behind the Beer

This beer pays homage to two great organizations, Bills Muttfia through Hayley Beane and Bills Mafia Babes! Featuring the Triple B’s in fruit: Blackberry, Black Currant, and Blueberry, the fruits in this beer are exploding in flavor– just like the Buffalo offense! Brewing a beer is always an enjoyable experience, from start to finish. Big Berry Beane was no exception, only it was even more fun to brew it with the Mafia Babes.


The Mafia Babes came in with great energy and excitement to brew the beer. To them, it was game day. They helped with every part of the process, graining in, setting up hoses, and even getting their hands dirty helping us clean out the mash tun after the brew (suckers!).

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When we first started, we rigged the brewing system to work on a diesel generator and somehow put together our first 5 beers. When they were ready, a quick announcement on social media stated we would be holding a soft opening the next night, June 1st, 2014. We hoped a few people would come, assuming it would be mostly friends and family. It came time to open the doors, and to our surprise, there was a line down the street. 300+ people showed up that first night! The toilets backed up, the registers stopped working, the lines were long, and we ran out of all the limited food we had, but we were open!

Taproom Tidbit

Pairs With (At Home!)

Big Berry Beane is loaded with fruit flavors with high acidity, so it would contrast and cut through big fatty foods like duck, pork, fatty fish, and stinky cheeses.

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Pairs With (In our Taproom!)

We suggest our Brewer’s Salad with our Citrus IPA vinegarette! The vinaigrette is strong enough to stand up to the big fruit flavors and acidity of this sour.

Nick Torgalski, Head Brewer

“When it came time to release the beer, the whole Mafia showed up in support, I was initially a little nervous about the beer (standard feeling for a brewer), but upon immediately stepping into the brewery, the group came up to me and told me how happy they were with the beer. From the unique dark purple color to the aroma and flavor, they loved it. Which was great, but they were complimenting me, but it wasn’t me who did this; we all did it! They were much more than a 12th Woman on the sideline, they were in the game, brewing, so don’t compliment me on a good beer, compliment them because 1000% it wouldn’t have been the same without them there!”
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