Irish Breakfast Release

Saturday, February 17th marks the return of our Irish Breakfast Ale, and it’s magically delicious brother the Imperial Irish Breakfast.

Irish Breakfast Ale is the McGriddle in a glass you remember from seasons past. Enjoy this mildly sweet red ale with notes of smoked bacon, maple syrup and toasty coffee all blended together with roasted leprechauns. Now that’s what we call tasting the rainbow!

The Imperial version of your favorite Irish Breakfast is concocted with roasted leprechauns. This big red ale boasts flavors of smoked bacon, maple syrup and fresh roasted coffee. The ABV is 9.5% on this sucker, which is aged in bourbon barrels to mellow out those flavors.

Stop in to get yours and get ready for St. Paddy’s Day. With an Irish Breakfast in your glass, we guarantee you’ll feel a little bit luckier.