Imperial Sponge Candy Bourbon Barrel Aged Bottle Release

You won’t want to miss this!!! Imperial Sponge Candy Bourbon Barrel Aged is back November 18th!!! Thats right! Its a two-in-one event! Imperial Sponge and its Bourbon Barrel aged brother will be making their 2017 debut!!!


The Beer:

This beer spent a year in bourbon barrels from Smooth Ambler in West Virginia. The result is a smooth, slightly smoky stout with just the right amount of bourbon flavor to complement the toffee, hints of chocolate and burnt caramel sugar that characterizes our signature stout.

As a rule, imperial stouts age the best, since not all styles have the character to stand up to the rich, woodsy flavor the barrel imparts. As beer ages, it tends to mellow out and any hops or bitterness fades to the background, allowing the malt to come forward. At the same time, the alcohol content increases, so the beer has to have a strong flavor so the final product isn’t all booze and no finesse. Ideally, the sugary malt should complement the ethanol, not overpower it.

Our Sponge Candy Stout holds up particularly well to barrel aging because of the burnt sugar character imparted by Watson’s sponge candy clippings. The sugars are mellow enough to play well with the caramel and wood the barrel contributes, making the end result complex, mellow and slightly hot. Tasted against the standard sponge candy stout we have on our menu year- round, the barrel-aged version has a more rounded, definitely richer and headier flavor profile. It’s a sipper for sure, but that’s what barrel aging does: It takes your favorite parts of bourbon and the best characteristics of beer and marries them together for a match really made in heaven.