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Beer Shipment FAQ

What states can you ship to?
As of now, we can only ship beer within NYS.

Can I return my beer?
No. We don’t offer returns. If your beer was damaged in transit, please file a claim with UPS.

There was an error with my order, how can I resolve the issue?
Oops! Please contact us at and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

When can I expect to receive my beer?
We’re shipping beer Monday-Friday. Reference your UPS tracking number for an idea of when you’ll receive your beer. Please allow time between ordering and shipping for us to prepare your beer. Don’t worry, we’re packing it and shipping it as fast as possible!

Does an adult need to receive my UPS package?
Yes, UPS requires signature by someone 21+ to receive your beer.

Will you ship newly released beers?
Absolutely! Every week we’ll update our offerings, which will include our latest releases in limited quantities. If you miss out on a release, don’t worry, we’ve always got something new on the way!

Is there a limit to how much beer I can order?
Order limit is 19,840 cans of 12oz beer…we dare you, try it! But seriously, if you order more than 1cs of beer, you may receive your shipment in multiple packages.

What if I miss the delivery driver?
UPS will make multiple delivery attempts, and after the 3rd try they will ship the beer back to us. We can either provide a full refund or we can ship it again!

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