Imperial Sponge Candy Bottle Release!!!

Mark your calendar!!! Your favorite seasonal beer is back!!!

Bottles go on sale in the brewery November 18th!!!


For those of you who don’t know…when brewing up the beer, our brewers add real sponge to the blend. No artificial flavors here! We work with Watson’s Sponge Candy, who gives us their clippings to toss into the tank. Those clippings would otherwise be discarded, so we like to think we’re going a little public service while creating our candy concoction.

Much like our classic Sponge Candy Stout, the Imperial starts off with a rich coffee and toast nose, with a smooth, lightly bitter coffee, chocolate and burnt sugar taste. Far from the sweetness you might expect from a candy-infused beer, sponge clippings impart a low-sugar caramel note to our beer, giving it a nice, full body and lingering smoothness

This beer makes an excellent gift for the beer lover in your life….or for yourself….whichever.

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