Get ready for the most outrageous game of Bingo you have ever played in your life! Join us February 6th for a night of Bingo, fierce head to head competitions, over-the-top mini game challenges, some truly silly dares, and of course BEER! Why spend another night at home on the couch when you can come out and play with us!? Bat-Sh*t bingo will have you getting up out of your seat, laughing, taunting, and most importantly winning prizes!

Bat Sh*t Bingo is free to enter and gives your the chance to win $100 gift certificate or $50 cash. The party starts at 7pm so bring a friend or a date and head to the brewery for a memorable evening (to say the least).


*Bringing a group? Call the brewery today to reserve a table 716-381-9868. Some fees may apply*