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What makes a good Oktoberfest?

Join us to try a pint (or two!) of our Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest just wouldn’t be the same without that amber-colored, malty beer we’ve come to know and love, but what is it that makes an Oktoberfest, well, an Oktoberfest? Technically, an authentic Oktoberfest is brewed only within the city limits of Munich, Germany, where the style began. The beer we know as Oktoberfest today came out of spring brews about half a millennium ago, which were put aside in ice-filled caves for summer consumption. These beers, called March beers or märzen, were strong spring brews that were usually finished off in October, when fresh beers made with the recently harvested grain and hops needed the cask space. Citizens would throw a party to celebrate the harvest season, the making of new beer and associated gifts of prosperity, as an early precursor to the Oktoberfest parties (including ours!) celebrated all over the world today.

Those first Oktoberfest beers were full-bodied and malty, usually amber in color. They came in at about 5-6 percent ABV, and often improved with age as the hops mellowed out. The beer was probably best in the fall, when the people of the Middle Ages had to finish it off to make room for the next season’s batch.

The style that we know as Oktoberfest today underwent several changes through the ages, as brewing and storage techniques advanced. With the advent of scientific brewing methods, including filtration and especially refrigeration, the Bavarians were able to make beers all season long, not just in the spring. Since they no longer had to mass-produce it, they also didn’t have to make it just in March, and they began to be served as more of a special-occasion brew.

In the mid- 1840’s, two brewmasters named Gabriel Sedlmayr and Anton Dreher, of Spaten Brewery and Dreher Brewery, respectively, introduced a lighter-colored grain with the addition of Vienna Malt to the grist. What characterized the style was an emphasis on multiple steps of decoction, cartelized malts and some nutty sweetness, relatively long wort boils and relatively long layering periods, to mellow it all out. Today, Oktoberfest beers that bear the Märzen-Oktoberfest label (or just Oktoberfest) may have been lagered for about 12-16 weeks.

At Resurgence Brewing Company, our Oktoberfest is characterized by a perfect balance between malt sweetness and soft bitterness, with an aroma of toast and biscuit that follows through with a caramel, breadcrumb taste. It’s a 5.5 percent ABV, so it falls right in the middle of our beers on tap, in terms of strength. At our Oktoberfest party on Saturday, we will also be tapping the WNY Oktoberfest and WNY Hoptoberfest, made with grain and hops from local purveyors, including New York Craft Malt in Batavia and High Bines in Sanborn. We will be offering those local selections alongside our regular Oktoberfest, so you can taste what a difference local ingredients make.

At Resurgence Brewing Company, we like to experiment with the styles and flavors we can create in our beer, but we also strive to make clean, authentic beers for the style under which they fall. We think our Oktoberfest stands up well to the best on the market and would put it up against those cask-aged Middle Age märzen beers if we had the chance. Stop in and celebrate fall with us at our Oktoberfest party on Saturday, and see what the style is all about, here at your local West Side taproom.

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Welcome to Resurgence, where great beer is an experience

At Resurgence Brewing Company, we believe great beer is an experience that brings people together. Our mission is twofold: To bring our Western New York neighbors into our taproom to see what we’re all about and to get our beer into the hands – and homes – of our consumers through our growler, crowler and new can line. Because let’s face it: Enjoying a great beer is about what’s in the glass, as well as who’s on the bar stool or in the lawn chair next to you. We’ve worked hard to create it, and we’d like to tell you a little more of what we’re all about.

Let’s back it up. Several years ago, founder Jeff Ware was living in New York City, where he frequented a number of breweries and beer gardens that spoke to him. These places had picnic tables and plenty of room for both adults and kids to sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company, little refuges from the city hustle and bustle. Watching families enjoy kids’ birthday parties, complete with cake and balloons, couples relaxing over a board game, beers and a cheese board, and groups of friends gathering to enjoy the summer sunshine Jeff thought, “Man, why doesn’t Buffalo have one of these?”

And with that, the seeds of Resurgence were planted. Buffalo’s West Side turned out to be the perfect place for the brewery, with its grit and steel character, no-nonsense residents and up-and-coming neighborhoods. He looked into the future of Buffalo and realized Niagara Street was the place to be not just today, but 5, 10 years from today. The name played into the spirit: Buffalo is seeing a resurgence not only of its craft beer culture, but its entire identity.

Enter Resurgence Brewing Company. It’s not just another bar with just another patio. We’re a craft brewery that comes up with unique, deliberate beers that don’t taste like anything you’ve had before. We don’t want to be “just another IPA.” We want to be an IPA you’ll remember and order again. We want to challenge your taste buds, tickle your fancy and most of all, inspire you to ask for a refill. Ever tried Loganberry beer? How about sponge candy? We took these favorite flavors and made them into beer because to quote our friends at Ben & Jerry, “If it’s not fun, why do it?” We think they’re tasty, but don’t take our word for it. These two are always on tap, joined by an array of rotating experimental and seasonal brews. We like to play with flavors and blends, and you can find some of those trials under our “Experimentals” category. Sometimes we hit a home run, sometimes it needs some more time on the drawing board.

We welcome outside food in our taproom, although we do serve snacks from some of our local culinary partners. Go ahead and order pizza and wings or bring in a sub tray; whatever increases your enjoyment. You’ll also notice we have giant Jenga, Connect Four, bubble hockey, darts and cornhole to keep the kids and kids at heart busy. We all jump when the Jenga falls; no shame in that!

And just like the original biergartens of Germany and their New York City cohorts, we welcome parties, gatherings and general group merriment. Open bar and private party rates are available, and groups can reserve tables for smaller, more informal events. The bottom line is, we’re here to give you a good time. And beer, of course.

So come on in and check us out, sometime. We’d love to sit down with you over a pint or two, and experience great beer together.