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Grill local: Beer and backyard party pairings from RBC

It’s grilling season in Western New York, and we’re pretty sure it’s illegal to grill without a beverage nearby. Most of us crack open our favorites when we light up the charcoal, but for the ultimate grilling experience, consider pairing your beers with your picnic table spread. Here are a few ideas for the best local food and Resurgence beer pairings we can find, for a BBQ all of your guests will Buffalove.

1. Sahlen’s or Wardynski’s Hot Dogs with Weber’s Mustard and Bridge Pilsner

If you’re grilling up some dogs in Buffalo and you’re not buying Sahlen’s or Wardynski’s, you’re missing out. Top those suckers with a schmear of Weber’s Mustard to really get the party started. A nice, crisp pilsner is light enough to let the horseradish shine, while complementing that salty meat and char flavor. Go ahead, have two. We don’t judge.


2. Spars or Mineo and Sapio’s sausage and Cosmic Truth Session IPA or Blood Orange Saison

Mineo & Sapio Sausage (photo by Sharon Cantillon/The Buffalo News)

We get it. Your outdoor picnic is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s why we recommend Cosmic Truth Session IPA from firing up the grill to watching the sun go down. At 4.3% ABV, you can stay in it for the long haul. Try Cosmic alongside a spicy, full-flavored sausage from Spars or Mineo and Sapio. You’ll love how the beer’s citric acidity plays up the spice, while its light body leaves room for seconds. Not a fan of hops? Try Blood Orange Saison and notice how the funky farmhouse ale and the umami meatiness complement one another.

3. Barrel & Brine pickles with Cucumber Saison

If you haven’t tried Barrel & Brine’s pickles, you’re missing out. RJ Martin’s pickled vegetables have a zestier, more nuanced flavor than the grocery store standards, and taste great on a crudite tray or atop your burgers and links. Our Cucumber Saison is made with fresh local cucumbers, so it’s a natural choice to pair with fermented foods. Notice how this refreshing, slightly funky farmhouse ale accentuates the fresh earthiness of those vegetables and vice versa.

4. Local potato salad with CitMo IPA or Resurgence IPA

It’s not a BBQ without everyone’s favorite creamy, crunchy, carb-y side dish. Really commit to the cause by getting your veggies at your closest farmer’s market (click the link to find your closest one!) We love how CitMo IPA’s hoppy bite cuts the mayo and scrubs your tongue clean for the next bite. Citrus and pine notes provide a perfect contrast to anything starchy, so try this one with your pasta salad too. If you prefer a West Coast-style IPA, try Resurgence IPA for a milder answer to the hop bomb.

5. Strawberry Shortcake with Loganberry Wit

If you’re still buying those giant, white-inside strawberries from the grocery store, you’ve never had a real strawberry. The smaller, candy-like gems from farms like Awald’s Berry Farm in North Collins or Greg’s U-Pick in Clarence will take your shortcake to the next level. Here’s a great recipe! You can pick your own or find them at most farmer’s markets this time of year. Our tart, berrylicious Loganberry Wit is just sweet enough to play off the berries, but tart enough to contrast with rich, crumbly shortcake. Pro tip: Top it with real whipped cream for a decadent treat.

6. Lake Effect or Perry’s Sponge Candy Ice Cream and Sponge Candy Stout

We scream for ice cream! What’s better than sponge candy ice cream? Two (yes, two) local ice creameries make it: The smaller, more artisanal Lake Effect and that freezer aisle standard, Perry’s. Sponge candy ice cream AND beer, of course. Our Sponge Candy Stout is smooth and light enough for a summer get-together. Pairing it with rich, sponge-studded ice cream makes the caramelized sugar flavor really pop. If you’re feeling adventurous, scoop a little ice cream right into your pint for a beer float worthy of any celebration. Can’t find sponge candy flavor? Try vanilla or chocolate or even butter pecan. Experiment – you may discover a new favorite!

Blood Orange Saison, Cosmic Truth Session Ale, and Resurgence IPA are available in cans at your favorite beer store, and the rest of our RBC beers can be purchased in growlers or crowlers at our taproom. Stop by this weekend to get yours! Have you tried a beer and food pairing that really brings the party? Let us know in the comments and we’ll give your ideas a try. Whether you’re grilling out, going to a BBQ, or bringing a four-pack along to the fireworks, have a great Independence Day. Remember to be safe this holiday weekend, and always enjoy responsibly.

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Five reasons to host your event at RBC

Hosting events can be daunting. There’s a lot to figure out: Where’s the perfect venue? What about food and drink? What’s the right vibe? At Resurgence Brewing Company, we make that process not only easy, but fun. Here are five quick reasons why we’re the perfect place to host your next event, whether it’s a happy hour for your company, a surprise birthday for your friend’s 50th, a wedding rehearsal dinner, or whatever else you’ve got on your social calendar.

1. Our spacious taproom offers a wealth of options
Need room for 20 people? How about 200? We can handle that. At RBC, our hosting options range from reserving a table to renting out the whole space, so we can fully customize all events to your needs. Prices and packages vary, and our event manager will be happy to help you decide what fits you best.

2. Open the bar for your guests or pay as you go: Your choice.
Some events call for an open bar, but often times you don’t want to front the bill for your entire group. No problem! We offer a range of bar packages, from drink tickets to open bars by the hour, and can even provide your very own bartender to eliminate wait times at the rail. Whatever your budget, we’ve got a bar package that fits.

3. We allow food from, well, anywhere!
While we do offer in-house catering options for our guests to choose from, we also allow outside food from any licensed establishment. Maybe you want sushi trays from your favorite spot, pizza and wings, a taco bar, or grocery store veggies and dip. All we ask is a receipt from a licensed purveyor, and you can chow down on whatever suits your mood.

4. Our spacious industrial-style taproom will wow your guests
With so many events spaces to choose from, it can be hard to decide what fits your vibe. At RBC, our high ceilings, exposed brick, open brew house, and secluded biergarten provide a unique backdrop to everything from corporate presentations to rehearsal dinners. All styles of decorations look great against our steel beer tanks, rustic wooden picnic tables, and artist-decorated chalk wall. Check out our photo gallery to see how some of our events have come together.

5. Our friendly staff will make your gathering not only effortless, but fun
It’s not easy playing host, so let us do the work for you! Our experienced bar and event manager Brandon will work with you to arrange all aspects of your event, and our bar staff is knowledgeable and attentive. We’re always happy to provide samples and explanations of anything on tap, to put even new craft beer drinkers at ease. If you’d like, we can even add a tour of the brewhouse to your get-together, to add an element of education to the mix.

Bonus: We can bring the beer to you!
If you’d rather hold your shindig in the comfort of your own home, we can bring our portable beer system right to your backyard or event space. In addition to the beer of your choice, we can provide a portable bar and bartender for you and your guests.

While party planning can be a heavy lift, it doesn’t have to be. At RBC, our experienced staff and wealth of options can help you create the wedding of your dreams, the relaxing happy hour your team needs, the best birthday party ever, or even the ideal evening at the bar for you and your friends. Give us a call or email us to discuss what we can do to bring the experience of great beer to your event, today.

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New Video: Resurgence 16-ounce Cans

We think we’re in love. Have you seen our new 16-ounce cans yet? Here’s a nifty little video Big Buffalo Films made for us and we think it’s pretty great! Watch it, fall in love, and look for these babies seasonally in the taproom and on your favorite beer shelves across Western New York.

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Meet Erik: 10 questions with the brewer

Brewer Erik Greiner has been with Resurgence Brewing since the very beginning, and can usually be found hanging out at the end of the bar when he’s not in the brewhouse. We caught up with Erik on some of his history, his favorite beers and ingredients, and his illustrious start in the biz.

RBC: How did you first get started brewing?

Erik Greiner: It all started on a cold night. We were 45 crows past the wind, sailing on the Hanjo through the Southern Pacific. Casualties were at an all-time low but morale seemed to be even lower…oh wrong story. I started homebrewing with my buddy back in college, which sparked a real interest in the whole science behind everything, as well as the desire to make really good beer. The first batch came out awful, which made me even more interested to learn as much as I could so I would never have to make or drink anything like that again.

RBC: What was the first beer you ever brewed? 

EG: The first beer I ever brewed was an all-extract kit for a pale ale. It ended up not being quite pale, or very much an ale either.

RBC: How did you get involved at RBC initially?

The way I got involved in RBC was very lucky actually. I was just finishing up my final semester at Niagara College and it was kind of a “right place, right time” sort of thing. They were finishing up the construction on the building and just putting on the finishing touches when I had my first interview with [head brewer] Dave. My second interview is when I met Jeff [the owner] and the rest is history.

RBC: Do you have a favorite ingredient to work with right now?

EG: At the moment, I don’t really have a favorite ingredient because there are so many coming out every year. One of the hops that I really like to use while brewing is El Dorado.

RBC: What’s your favorite style to brew or drink?

EG: My favorite style of beer to drink is IPAs. They just taste great after a long day of work.

RBC: If you could only drink one beer on RBC’s list for the rest of the year, which one would it be?

EG: It would have to the the Resurgence IPA. It is my go-to every time I can’t make a decision on the 15 beers we usually have on.

RBC: Are there any beers coming up that you’re excited about?

EG: The Citmo has the be the one I am most excited about. The fact that it is coming out in cans too just makes it that much better.

RBC: Do you have any advice for people trying RBC for the first time?

EG: Come in with an open mind and a thirsty attitude and you will not be disappointed. We usually have crazy beers on like kettle sours for the experienced craft drinker and lagers for the not so well-versed.

RBC: What’s your favorite part of working at RBC?

EG: The best part of working here at RBC is the people, for sure. The beer isn’t bad either!

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New can line announcement: Nice cans!

Resurgence Brewing Company will release our new line of 16-ounce cans starting with Irish Breakfast Ale on February 18. The cans will be sold in packs of four for $10 at the taproom, as well as in local retailers wherever our beer is sold.

The new packaging features a sleek, modern design that showcases our signature Buffalo head as a nod to the ongoing Resurgence of the brewing industry in Western New York, and will be filled and distributed from our Niagara Street taproom. Future styles will include Cosmic Truth Session IPA, Lime Berliner Weisse, Citra Mosaic IPA, and Vanilla Cappuccino Ale.

“Demand for new take-home packages, as well as outside the greater Buffalo area continues to grow” owner Jeff Ware said, of the release. “These four-pack cans allow us the opportunity to better meet that need while maintaining our quality specifications. Of course,” he added. “We don’t expect these to get too far!”

The cans will be released in limited quantities both at the brewery and in the market, one style at a time. Release dates will coordinate roughly with holidays and events, starting with Irish Breakfast Ale’s focus on being on the shelves in time for St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Resurgence works with Try-It Distributing and Sanzo Beverage Company Inc. to distribute its beer throughout the greater Western New York area. The new cans will join RBC IPA and Blood Orange Saison on the shelves of local retailers, bars, and restaurants, and will complement seasonal 22-ounce bottle releases as well.

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RBC wins two medals at national competition

Resurgence Brewing Company took home two bronze medals from the 2017 Best of Craft Beer Awards competition, held this week in Bend, Ore. Ice Boom Bock and Cucumber Saison were both honored, in the bock and field beer categories, respectively. We were one of 145 breweries who achieved medals in 84 award categories.

“I’m honored to have our beers recognized by a national panel and to see how we rank alongside beers from breweries across the country,” said owner Jeff Ware. “It’s a great experience for us to see how we’re doing on a broader scale, and we’re excited to share our beers with a wider audience. Competitions like these are a great opportunity to get an objective analysis of our beer, and it’s a great feeling to know they stack up well not only in Western New York, but nationally, as well.”

Beers were judged by 88 Beer Judge Certification Program judges, the industry standard that certifies individuals to rank and provide feedback on beer. According to the Best of Craft Beer Awards, breweries in 35 states sent beer to be evaluated, resulting in 245 medals to 145 winning breweries.

Ice Boom Bock is on tap at our Niagara Street taproom right now, and Cucumber Saison will be back in several weeks to kick off the spring season. Both beers will also be available throughout the Western New York area, in bars and restaurants where RBC beer is sold. Our brewery has been located on Niagara Street since 2014, and we now distribute our product throughout Western New York in cooperation with Try-It and Sanzo Beverage distributors. Our brewery features between 12-15 beers on tap at any given time, and our signature IPA and Blood Orange Saison is available in cans at local grocery and beer retailers. Stop in to try us out today!

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Five Shopping Tips For a Very Beery Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Your shopping list is as long as Santa’s beard, but you’re as tight on time as the big man’s belt. What to do? Why, stop down to the Resurgence Brewing Company taproom and grab gifts for your family, your friends, and of course, yourself. On Sunday, Dec. 5, we’ll be hosting our annual Pop-Up Shop with more than 10 vendors to peruse with a pint in your hand, as well as our own merch as well!

While you’re here (or if you’d rather shop in your PJ’s), we’ve got a handful of RBC goodies you can grab. Shopping season: Solved.

1. RBC Gift Packs: $20
Our gift packs come with a bomber bottle of Imperial Sponge Candy Stout, a branded RBC pint glass, and a bag of Watson’s Sponge Candy. It’s a great gift for the beer and candy fan in your life.

Pro Tip: Cut a slit out of the candy and garnish the glass with it for a fancy schmancy holiday party, or to feel like a rockstar when enjoying in front of your favorite Christmas special.

2. Silo Soap Company beer candles: $8 each or four for $30
A local soap company whipped up candles with our Loganberry Wit, Sponge Candy Stout, Blood Orange Saison, and Resurgence IPA. They come in beer tasting glasses and smell so good, you’ll want to grab a beer to go with them!

Level Up: Grab an Ultimate Beer Paddle ($20) to display your set of four and make them look good enough to drink.

3. RBC Bicycle Jerseys: $70
Have a cycling enthusiast who needs some new swag? This orange, gray, and black jersey is made from a breathable spandex blend and fits snugly for aerodynamic riding. It would look great on the trail, the street, or wherever you ride.

Get in Gear: Wrap up this bad boy and an IOU for a Ride for Roswell registration for a good excuse to get your legs in cancer-fighting shape!

4. DIY Gift Pack: Price Varies
We offer growlers ($5 plus the fill), as well as crowlers (price depends on the beer, but usually $7-$10) gift certificates (name your price!), and glassware ($3-$8 depending on size) you can pair together for a make-your-own gift set. What beer-lover wouldn’t want an excuse to fill a growler with her favorite RBC with a nice branded glass to enjoy it in? We’ve also got tackers and wooden signs for sale to really round it out.

Elf Idea: Make it a date night with a cute message. We can’t write it for you, but you can give us credit for the idea!

5. RBC branded T-shirts and hats: $10-$25
We offer baseball caps, knit hats, and T-shirts in men’s and women’s sizes, both long and short-sleeved, with a range of designs and styles. Buy a few and you can wear your RBC love on your sleeve all year round! “I have too many T-shirts,” said nobody ever. And you need to keep that noggin warm in these Buffalo winters!

Bonus Round: Wearing your favorite brewery on your shirt is a guaranteed conversation-starter, and then you get to talk about beer!

Stop on by our web store at to get your swag and see what else is on tap! Happy holidays from your friends at RBC; may yours be merry and bright.

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RBC signs with Sanzo Beverage Company Inc.

Resurgence Brewing Company has signed with Sanzo Beverage Company, Inc., a Southern Tier-based distributor. This new partnership will allow RBC to broaden its distribution throughout Western New York, including markets where the brand had not previously been sold, such as Allegany, Orleans, Wyoming and Cattaraugus counties.

Resurgence Brewing Company has worked with Try-It Distributing for the past year to sell into Buffalo-area markets on a larger scale than the brewery was able to reach on its own. That relationship has allowed RBC to expand throughout the Buffalo-Niagara market. By working with Try-It, RBC has been able to sell into a wide range of establishments, with the help of the distributor’s staff of salespeople and the support of the larger company’s team. Working with Sanzo will help RBC do the same in the Southern Tier counties, helping even more beer-lovers to “experience great beer.

“We’re excited to partner with the Sanzo team to bring our beer into the greater WNY region, and offer craft beer lovers the beer experience we’ve been bringing to the Buffalo area for a couple of years now,” said RBC Owner Jeff Ware. “Since we first opened our doors on Niagara Street over two years ago, we’ve worked hard to bring the experience of our beer to people who appreciate quality, carefully crafted brews. Partnering with distributors helps us do that to a larger group of people than we could on our own.”

The new partnership with Sanzo will allow RBC to continue its mission to bring great beer to fans everywhere. The first order went out the door this week, and will hit the market shortly.

Resurgence Brewing Company is located at 1250 Niagara St. in Buffalo, N.Y. and opened its doors in June of 2014. Ware and his team are dedicated to furthering the “resurgence” of the local economy through beer as an economic and social driver, and started the taproom and biergarten on the West Side of Buffalo for that reason. Since its inception, the brewery has been dedicated to creating unique, creative beers with iconic flavors, including Sponge Candy Stout, Loganberry Wit, Blood Orange Saison, and its flagship Resurgence IPA.


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Meet RBC: Salesguy Nick

This week, in our ongoing “Meet RBC” series, we spoke with salesman extraordinaire, Nick Favero. Nick has been with Resurgence since we opened and has a lot to say about the beer, spirit, and fun of the RBC team.

RBC: How long have you worked at Resurgence Brewing Company and in what positions?
NF: I’ve been with Resurgence since we opened in June of 2014, so a little over 2 years at this point. I started out as a bartender and eventually became one of our tour guides. This past March, I took on the position of account manager.

RBC: How’d you first get involved in RBC?
NF: I applied to RBC on a whim. When I first heard that there was a brewery opening up around the corner from my childhood home, I thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to combine my love of beer and desire to see Buffalo grow. I had to be a part of it, so I sent [owner] Jeff an email with my resume as soon as I could, and the rest is history.

RBC: What is your favorite RBC beer?
NF: Too many beers to choose from! But, more than not, I usually go for the Cosmic Truth. Low ABV and huge mosaic hop flavor = happy Nick.

RBC: What’s the best part of working on the Resurgence team?
NF: I feel like the best part has to be all of the people who work there. Everyone who works or has worked for RBC is extremely passionate about what they are doing and want to see this company succeed and grow. Most importantly, they are awesome people to have a few beers with.

RBC: What is the best RBC event of the year, in your opinion?
NF: Anyone who knows me knows that I love our Oktoberfest party. Any time I can throw on a pair of lederhosen and shave a ridiculous beard, I am all in. Not to mention, it means an entire day of drinking our Oktoberfest and who doesn’t love that?

RBC: What do you like best about selling RBC beer?
NF: The best part about selling our beer has to be watching people try a new style for the first time. Nothing beats telling someone that we have a beer like Vanilla Cappuccino Pumpkin or Sponge Candy Stout, seeing the immediate look of curiosity in their eyes, and then finally seeing their reaction when I give them a sample.

RBC: If you could brew any beer in RBC’s brewhouse, what would it be?
I’m a sucker for barrel aged beers and with colder weather around the corner, I want something to keep me warm. So maybe a bourbon barrel-aged barleywine? I’m sure Dave and Erik could spin some magic into it.

RBC: Can you share one funny memory about being on the RBC team?
NF: Three words. Googley-eye bandit! (To see what Nick means by that, go check out our social media feeds. You’ll see.)

RBC: What upcoming RBC event or beer are you most excited about?
NF: I’m getting pretty excited for our Beer De Noel and BBA Imperial Sponge Candy Stout. Two beers that you can only get once a year, both extremely unique, that completely encompass the feelings of the colder Buffalo months.

RBC: What’s your favorite thing about the Buffalo beer scene?
NF: Buffalo has a very friendly and collaborative beer scene and it is fantastic to be a part of. While there is still an innate competitiveness, each brewery in Buffalo supports one another and wants the others to continue to make quality beer. As a result, I believe that the Buffalo beer community is producing some of the best beer in the entire state and I think beer drinkers have finally started to take note.

Thanks Nick! Stop by the taproom pretty much any time to say hello to Nick, or catch him running around Western New York, helping our friends experience great beer. He’s always happy to talk beer, Buffalo, and music (often all at the same time).

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Oktoberfest events: Plan your day!

This Saturday is our third annual Oktoberfest party, the biggest (and best, in our humble and entirely non-biased opinion) brewery Oktoberfest in the Western New York area. This year, we’ve got lots on tap to keep the party going all day and all night long, and you’re going to want to be there for it! So, without further ado, here’s what you can expect.

12 p.m.      Doors open
Steins for sale at the door. $10 includes first fill and $.50 off each additional fill

1 p.m.        Bag Toss Round 1 begins: 6 bags, highest score wins. Get all 6 in, automatic win!

Wayno’s BBQ for sale, with taproom-only specials that will blow your socks off.

1:30 p.m.  Afternoon stein-hoisting competition (Men’s and women’s division)

2 p.m.       Grove Street Band

3 p.m.        Lederhosen Competition

4 p.m.        Bag Toss Round 1 ends

5 p.m.        Yodeling Competition

6 p.m.        Bag Toss Round 2 begins

6:30 p.m.  Evening stein-hoisting competition (Men’s and women’s division)
Blue Balls Bus

The party goes all night long, so please stop in at any point, and don’t forget to pick up your commemorative stein at the door. It’s free to get in, but a $10 stein gets you one free fill and $.50 off each additional fill all day and all night long. Besides, it’ll be a great memento of the best fall kickoff party around. We’ll see you Saturday!