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Craft Beer: Where to Start?

Are you new to craft beer?  Not sure what style is best for you?  Let us help with that!

Starting off strong with sour beers… they are, well, sour!  Sours come in a wide range of sour and flavor profiles. They can range anywhere from pale to dark in color and vary widely in bitterness. The Alcohol by Volume (ABV) can vary greatly as well leaving you with a wide selection even within this one category, but don’t let this intimidate you.  If you like tart, citrusy beverages, or things a little on the fruiter side then give sours a try! Keep in mind, with such a wide variety not all sours are created equal! Sour beers can have a very vinegary tang to them and may be slightly overwhelming for a first timer. If you are just being introduced and want to start off light, choose a Gose. Usually accompanied by fruity flavors, goses are low in bitterness and ABV. Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Come down to the taproom and give one of our sours a try!  If tart is your thing, The Passion Fruit Sour with it’s lemon-like acidic tartness will certainly make you pucker. Our Black Currant Kettle Sour packs a milder punch. With a mix of berry and currant this beer is a healthy dose of sweet and sour.

Starting off with colors, some in the ale rainbow include copper, amber, brown and black (the prettiest rainbow right?).  If you like moderate to slightly more bitter beers, these are for you! The ABV of ales can be low at 4.2% and be high at 7.5%.  The body of the beer can either be mouth coating or on the softer side, depending on what you are drinking. Ales have strong, fruity, more robust flavors with strong bitter tones from the hops used.  With such a wide variety in bitterness, alcohol, and flavor, if you aren’t in love with one ale, you’ll probably fall in love with a different one. Don’t be shy, stop by and try our Vanilla Cappuccino Pumpkin Ale.  It may have pumpkin in the name, but there is nothing “basic” about this fall drink! With a blend of all of your favorite fall spices, vanilla, and coffee flavors with biscuit and caramel notes Van Cap is basically fall in a glass. If that’s not your style, maybe try our Holiday Ale. This seasonal brew is the essence of the Holiday season with robust flavors of cinnamon, toast, and a little teensy bit of nutmeg and ginger.

        Up next in the lineup: IPAs (India Pale Ale).  IPAs are a style of craft beer that is very popular right now.  Newly developed hops bring crazy and exciting flavors to the IPA universe.  Flavors of floral, fruity, citrus-like, piney, or resinous, the world is our oyster!! IPAs can vary in color from golden blonde to more of a strawberry blonde/copper color along with a medium to high bitterness (40-70 IBU).  IPAs also tend to be a little higher in alcohol, so drink responsibly. Also be aware of the DIPA (yes, the D stands for DOUBLE). Double IPAs are VERY bitter with an ABV typically over 7.5%. These beers are the strong, often sweet, intensely hoppy version of the traditional India Pale Ale.  Think of it as an IPA on steroids. Looking for a recommendation? You’ll go head over heels for our Head in the Clouds DIPA. Although soft bodied, our Head in the Clouds’ full body dominated by juicy grapefruit and papaya flavors is deceptively light for its 8.4% ABV. Want to go classic IPA? Resurgence IPA or CitMo IPA, take your pick!  Both are on tap in the brewery year round. Resurgence IPA is a West Coast-style IPA with notes of citrus, grapefruit and pine. Also noticeable in this beer are hints of mango and tropical fruit. Modeled after the “Maine/Vermont” style of IPA, CitMo will smother you with its huge aromatics of pineapple and citrus.


        Calling all stouts!  These mouth coating, no nonsense, creamy, heavenly beers are incredibly dark and almost 100% opaque.  Bitterness is usually on the higher end of the spectrum with a wide ABV range of 6-12%. With a stronger roasty-toasty flavor, stouts can be dry, smooth, and sweet, or strong and bitter.  If you can’t live without chocolate, coffee, peanut-butter, or caramel stouts are the one for you. This brews paired best with chilly fall or winter days hanging out by our outdoor fire pit.  In true Buffalonian fashion, we’ve brewed up a Sponge Candy Stout made from REAL Watson’s Sponge Candy clippings. Not too smoky or sweet, the sponge candy stout is quite a treat! If you like what you taste, try the different imperial variations: Imperial Milk Sponge Candy Stout, Bourbon Barrel Aged Sponge Candy Stout, and Imperial Sponge Candy Stout all available in 22oz bottles.  

        Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder and there is nothing more beautiful than a saison.  Saisons are a slightly hazy, soft bodied beer that can have a golden glow to light amber color.  Just because they’re soft bodied, does not, we repeat does NOT, mean they’re lacking any flavor! Spicy, fruity, and earthy are just a few fun flavors you can expect to find. Saisons tend to have a medium bitterness, and range from 4.4-6.8% ABV.   Come enjoy our Hibiscus Guava Saison on tap! This beer has a floral, fruity, tea-like aroma accompanied by a sweet, berry-like taste. We also have other yearly saisons like Blood Orange and Cucumber. While this light beer is perfect for any summer gathering, it can be enjoyed all year round!

Still have no idea what you might like or don’t understand anything that we just said?  That’s ok, come down to the brewery and chat with our bar staff. With our amazingly knowledgeable crew, you can be sure that we will find the right fit for you!  Don’t be scared, we don’t bite (unless provoked).

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Empowerment Never Tasted So Good

Empowerment Never Tasted So Good

Like so many others, we at Resurgence Brewing Company believe that the perfect beer pairing is… well.. food. Pizza, popcorn, sandwiches, perogies, you name it! We are always looking for new and delicious ways to incorporate the local flavor into our facility. Whether it be cooking up “breakfast plates” at Kegs & Eggs, teaming up with food trucks for Oktoberfest, or creating kitchen alliances for our in-house menu; we never say no to a good bite to eat.

A short time ago we formed another one of these food alliances, but this one has quite the twist.

If you haven’t yet experienced the fluffy, buttery goodness known as the ‘Hot Pretzel Stix’ on our in-house menu, you need to. These bad boys come out piping hot, and are served with a selection of three complimentary sauces; honey mustard, sriracha mayo and of course beer cheese. The outer layer is crisp yet light giving you a nice texture, without being too difficult to pull apart. The inside is incredibly light and airy while providing you a nice warm buttery flavor. Coated with just the right amount of salt these pretzels are remarkable alongside any beer selection. The quality is simply astounding, and the women who make them, remarkable.

The YWCA of Niagara & Erie County offers a variety of educational and career programs to help empower the women of our region. These programs are designed to not only teach the skills required of a specific trade, but with the completion of the course offer job placement assistance and lessons in financial sustainability. They offer everything from GED and ESL, to outreach and prevention, and most notably Culinary Training.

Over the course of 10 weeks in the Culinary training program these women learn sanitation regulations, the basics of food service, and a variety of cooking methods. They are also given the opportunity to cook as a part of the “The Catering Crew” at Carolyn’s House, as well as operating a cafe in the Niagara Falls Airport and concessions in the Cornerstone Arena. When they have successfully completed their course they receive a certificate of completion and move on to job placement. The overall mission of the YWCA is to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

At Resurgence we choose to support the local flavor, and these women are certainly a part of it. Next time you come into the brewery be sure to order yourself a basket and you will see, these pretzels do not disappoint.

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If Bills were Beers….

They call it a come back, but we’ve loved them for years!

We buffalonians are full of passion. We love our food : beef on weck, loganberry, sponge candy, buffalo wings, etc. We love our local breweries and distilleries. And we LOVE our sports: baseball, lacrosse, hockey and of course football. Now beer and football is a tale as old as time, but have you ever really thought about how much the bills have in common with beer?

Kelvin Benjamin for example, Buffalo Bills wide receiver. Acquired late in the season, maybe, but an acquired taste he is not! Much like Resurgence Brewing Company’s own Head in the Clouds DIPA, this wide receiver may not appear on the lineup that often, but is still widely loved. During Benjamin’s acquisition he was described as being a welcomed size element and physical presence to the Bills receiving corps. Coming in at a whopping 6’5’’ and 245 lbs, one would definitely have to agree with that statement. Just like this DIPA, Benjamin hits hard, but is deceptively light and finishes clean. With 2,641 career total yards, this “physical presence” is surely deceptively light on his feet.

But thats just one example. What about Bills running back, LeSean McCoy?
McCoy has been on the Bills roster for three seasons now, and just like our Peanut Butter Porter, we hope he never leaves. Calling these two fan favorites is an extreme understatement. Coming in at only 5.5% ABV you might not think this beer is all its hyped up to be, but some might say the same thing about “Shady” at only 5’11’. But we think his record setting 10,092 career total yards is enough to set the record straight. And just like McCoy one minute you see the PB Porter, the next minute its gone.

Then of course there is Bills tightend, Charles Clay. Much like our Bridge Pilsner, Clay is smooth yet complex. The Hallertau Blanc hop used in this Czech Pilsner leaves a lasting impact Bills fans can certainly appreciate. Leading the Bills in receptions last season, Clay has yet to disappoint with another total 49 receptions, 558 yards, and 2 touchdowns so far this season. Just like the Bridge Pilsner, one can never seem to get enough of Charles Clay.

Let us not forget about local hero, Kyle Williams. For 11 years this man has fought as our defensive tackle. He’s a local legend, he’s sweet, he packs a punch, and when the games on the line, he never lets us down. The same could be said for the Buffalo favorite Loganberry Wit. This beer is brewed in the traditional wit style with some mild banana and light fruit esters mixed with a subtle loganberry finish. Just like Kyle Williams crossing the line for a touchdown, when this bright pink beer passes by it turns a lot of heads.

The drought is FINALLY over! Now we celebrate with a drink!

Pick up your favorite Resurgence Brews at your local Wegmans or craft beer store! They’ll make the perfect addition to any playoff party! Or come on down the taproom this Sunday and cheer on the home team as they take on Jacksonville! LETS GO BUFFALO!

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Cookies & Beer… just crazy enough to work

Put down the milk, and step away from the Eggnog, its time to pair a different beverage with those holiday cookies; beer. That’s right people, you can have your cookies and a beer too! With this list of cookie and beer pairings we are sure your holiday sweet tooth will be met with a pretty nice buzz:

Irish Breakfast Ale-
This smoked ale is brewed to taste just like your favorite breakfast, aged over coffee and maple syrup for subtle sweetness. Smoked malt adds a side of bacon with some caramel and dark chocolate. At only 5.5% ABV there’s no shame in having more than one!

To pair along side this bubbly breakfast beer, we recommend the Salted Caramel Crunch Cookie. Chunks of caramel blend nicely with the caramel and coffee flavors within the brew, but it is the pecans and sea salt that really amplify the subtle sweetness of the dark chocolate an maple. The mixture of salty and sweet in this cookie makes it the ultimate companion to the Irish Breakfast Ale.

*For those brave souls, one might even consider adding a little candied bacon on top of that glorious cookie.

Holiday Ale-

It’s the holiday season… so naturally you are going to want some Resurgence Holiday Ale! We builtthis particular brew to be the essence of this joyous time of year. You start out with strong cinnamon and toast aromatics balanced with the tiniest bit of nutmeg and ginger. The flavor is not overbearing sweet, but bares a striking resemblance to French toast. With subtle hints of chocolate and caramel to balance the spice this ale is rich enough to cut through those harsh Buffalo winters. And unlike those holiday cookies, the 5.5% ABV won’t have you feeling guilty after you’ve had a few.

What else would be pair with this festive brew but the most classic of holiday cookies; the gingerbread man! The slight notes of nutmeg and ginger make this pairing a no brainer! Add a little vanilla frosting, not just for beauty, but to highlight the sweetness within those “French toast” flavors. Whether building a gingerbread house, or making an army of little men there could simply be no better cookie pairing.

Vanilla Cappuccino Pumpkin Ale –

Some might call this an autumn beer. And although pumpkin may have been labeled the flavor of choice for the harvest season, we see no reason to deprive ourselves of the joy which is the Van Cap. This beer is a mouth full in more ways the one. For one, you nearly run out of breath saying it, but also the robust flavor profile will leave you, undoubtably wanting more. First to the palette rushes the flavors of our signature spice blend, vanilla bean, and roasted coffee. Quickly followed the malty sweetness of caramel and biscuits. With a 7.0% ABV a couple of cookies may be exactly what you need, and if you are really looking to kick things up a notch try the Imperial blend. A pint or two at 13.3% will surely have you buzzing.

A beer such as this is almost made for dessert. A natural pairing for this seasonal brew is that of the pumpkin pie sugar cookie. This tastes treat covers all the basis. The vanilla base of the sugar cookie compliments the strong notes of roasted coffee, while highlighting the flavor forward vanilla bean. The pumpkin spices mix well with our signature blend, balancing the complex flavor profile with the classic taste of pumpkin pie.

Loganberry Wit –

We western New Yorkers love our local flavor, and Loganberry is about as local as you can get. We brew this in a traditional Wit style which gives it some mild banana and light fruit esters which bounce off the hints of Loganberry. For the of you have have never experienced the majesty which is Loganberry…. Prepare to have your life changed. With only a 4.2% ABV you’ll never want to put it down.

To match this semi unconventional beer, we chose a semi unconventional cookie; the raspberry lemon cookie. These ultra soft, sweet yet tangy cookies are the ultimate match for this local beer, and not only because they are both delicious. Loganberry in itself an odd flavor to match. Its sweet and berry-like but more like a raspberry or blackberry rather than strawberry or blueberry. This sweetness however gets combined with the semi-tart flavor of the wit style beer. It is for both these reasons this cookie makes the ultimate pairing. The sweetness of the raspberry highlights the berry-like flavors of the beer, without being overbearing due to the tart balance of the lemon with the wit style tartness.

Sponge Candy Stout – 

The Sponge Candy Stout is another classic among our line up of local flavors. We make this beer using real sponge candy cuttings from the famous Watson’s Chocolates. This addition to the brew gives it a nice toffee and caramel flavor which complements the pale and dark chocolate malts used. With only a 5.5% ABV this beer will surely satisfy without doing you in.

To balance the rich chocolate flavors of this beer, we’ve chosen to pair it with pecan caramel bars. As any good baker, or chocolatier will tell you the secret to chocolate is actually salt. The pecans and club crackers that build the base of these bars work wonders on drawing out the smooth chocolatey flavor. All the while the melted caramel and butter blend pulling forth that iconic sponge candy taste of toffee mixed with caramel, creating the perfect balance.

Coffee Porter –

A dark brown porter with strong hints of chocolate and caramel along with some toasty notes. But thats not all! We also added pounds of specially roasted coffee beans post fermentation. Flavors of caramel and nut mingle with the roasted malts to make a smooth brew. It’s rich sweetness and moderate bitterness makes this a great beer to rejuvenate yourself with, but its light enough to have more! With 5.0% ABV this beer makes the perfect night cap.

The bold, intense flavors of this beer don’t require much embellishment. For this reason we finish off our list with a simple, but elegant pairing; the coffee porter with a shortbread cookie. Shortbread cookies are amongst the classics in terms of holiday cookies, right up there with gingerbread men and frosted cut outs. Buttery, yet sweet these cookies melt into background, pushing forward the caramel and nut notes, while blending smoothly into the forward roasted coffee flavor.

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Good Neigh-beers

We’ve all heard the phrase “shop local” or “shop small”. It’s become such a nationally recognized notion that even large corporations like American Express have actually co-opted the term, turning it into national campaigns such as “Small Business Saturday”. The importance of shopping in our local communities is understandable, but what if we took that one step further? What if local businesses were to band together, sourcing their goods and ingredients from other local companies? At Resurgence Brewing Company we try our best to do just that.

Every year Resurgence does its very best to incorporate at least 2 seasonal brews created using locally sourced ingredients. Following that trend, the local brew for this autumn season is our very own Schwarzbier. For those who do not know, a Schwarzbier is also known as the Black Lager, given this name due to its obvious opaque, black color. Where does this dark color come from? Similar to a stout, this German lager is made using roasted malt giving it that deep rich color. With the pleasant roasted flavor and aroma this lager drinks clean and has a nice dry finish. At only 4.2% their is no need to be shy about seconds.

We reached out to our brothers to the east, NY Craft Malt in Batavia to help us with this tastey brew. Turns out they care about local business just as much as we do! All of the malted grains sold by NY Craft Malt are grown in New York State exclusively, and in fact are grown specifically in Western New York!

After we had brewed our Black Lager to delicious perfection we found ourselves sitting on a whole lot of spent grain. Like many of our fellow breweries in the area, instead of simply letting it go to waste, we reached out to the agricultural community and found a handful of farmers near by who were all to happy to collect the grain. These farmers use the second hand malt as feed for their livestock. This system worked out to be mutually beneficial: free food for their livestock, and free malt disposal for us!

Shopping small doesn’t have to simply mean the consumer. Businesses can do their part by sourcing their goods through local businesses, or simply striking mutually beneficial business arrangements. Resurgence Brewing Company is proud to do their part as much as possible through beers such as the Schwarzbier, featured menu items from local restaurants, and even murals created by local artists.   

Stop by and try our Schwarzbier today! On tap now in our taproom. 1250 Niagara Street , Buffalo NY 14213

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Grill local: Beer and backyard party pairings from RBC

It’s grilling season in Western New York, and we’re pretty sure it’s illegal to grill without a beverage nearby. Most of us crack open our favorites when we light up the charcoal, but for the ultimate grilling experience, consider pairing your beers with your picnic table spread. Here are a few ideas for the best local food and Resurgence beer pairings we can find, for a BBQ all of your guests will Buffalove.

1. Sahlen’s or Wardynski’s Hot Dogs with Weber’s Mustard and Bridge Pilsner

If you’re grilling up some dogs in Buffalo and you’re not buying Sahlen’s or Wardynski’s, you’re missing out. Top those suckers with a schmear of Weber’s Mustard to really get the party started. A nice, crisp pilsner is light enough to let the horseradish shine, while complementing that salty meat and char flavor. Go ahead, have two. We don’t judge.


2. Spars or Mineo and Sapio’s sausage and Cosmic Truth Session IPA or Blood Orange Saison

Mineo & Sapio Sausage (photo by Sharon Cantillon/The Buffalo News)

We get it. Your outdoor picnic is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s why we recommend Cosmic Truth Session IPA from firing up the grill to watching the sun go down. At 4.3% ABV, you can stay in it for the long haul. Try Cosmic alongside a spicy, full-flavored sausage from Spars or Mineo and Sapio. You’ll love how the beer’s citric acidity plays up the spice, while its light body leaves room for seconds. Not a fan of hops? Try Blood Orange Saison and notice how the funky farmhouse ale and the umami meatiness complement one another.

3. Barrel & Brine pickles with Cucumber Saison

If you haven’t tried Barrel & Brine’s pickles, you’re missing out. RJ Martin’s pickled vegetables have a zestier, more nuanced flavor than the grocery store standards, and taste great on a crudite tray or atop your burgers and links. Our Cucumber Saison is made with fresh local cucumbers, so it’s a natural choice to pair with fermented foods. Notice how this refreshing, slightly funky farmhouse ale accentuates the fresh earthiness of those vegetables and vice versa.

4. Local potato salad with CitMo IPA or Resurgence IPA

It’s not a BBQ without everyone’s favorite creamy, crunchy, carb-y side dish. Really commit to the cause by getting your veggies at your closest farmer’s market (click the link to find your closest one!) We love how CitMo IPA’s hoppy bite cuts the mayo and scrubs your tongue clean for the next bite. Citrus and pine notes provide a perfect contrast to anything starchy, so try this one with your pasta salad too. If you prefer a West Coast-style IPA, try Resurgence IPA for a milder answer to the hop bomb.

5. Strawberry Shortcake with Loganberry Wit

If you’re still buying those giant, white-inside strawberries from the grocery store, you’ve never had a real strawberry. The smaller, candy-like gems from farms like Awald’s Berry Farm in North Collins or Greg’s U-Pick in Clarence will take your shortcake to the next level. Here’s a great recipe! You can pick your own or find them at most farmer’s markets this time of year. Our tart, berrylicious Loganberry Wit is just sweet enough to play off the berries, but tart enough to contrast with rich, crumbly shortcake. Pro tip: Top it with real whipped cream for a decadent treat.

6. Lake Effect or Perry’s Sponge Candy Ice Cream and Sponge Candy Stout

We scream for ice cream! What’s better than sponge candy ice cream? Two (yes, two) local ice creameries make it: The smaller, more artisanal Lake Effect and that freezer aisle standard, Perry’s. Sponge candy ice cream AND beer, of course. Our Sponge Candy Stout is smooth and light enough for a summer get-together. Pairing it with rich, sponge-studded ice cream makes the caramelized sugar flavor really pop. If you’re feeling adventurous, scoop a little ice cream right into your pint for a beer float worthy of any celebration. Can’t find sponge candy flavor? Try vanilla or chocolate or even butter pecan. Experiment – you may discover a new favorite!

Blood Orange Saison, Cosmic Truth Session Ale, and Resurgence IPA are available in cans at your favorite beer store, and the rest of our RBC beers can be purchased in growlers or crowlers at our taproom. Stop by this weekend to get yours! Have you tried a beer and food pairing that really brings the party? Let us know in the comments and we’ll give your ideas a try. Whether you’re grilling out, going to a BBQ, or bringing a four-pack along to the fireworks, have a great Independence Day. Remember to be safe this holiday weekend, and always enjoy responsibly.

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Five reasons to host your event at RBC

Hosting events can be daunting. There’s a lot to figure out: Where’s the perfect venue? What about food and drink? What’s the right vibe? At Resurgence Brewing Company, we make that process not only easy, but fun. Here are five quick reasons why we’re the perfect place to host your next event, whether it’s a happy hour for your company, a surprise birthday for your friend’s 50th, a wedding rehearsal dinner, or whatever else you’ve got on your social calendar.

1. Our spacious taproom offers a wealth of options
Need room for 20 people? How about 200? We can handle that. At RBC, our hosting options range from reserving a table to renting out the whole space, so we can fully customize all events to your needs. Prices and packages vary, and our event manager will be happy to help you decide what fits you best.

2. Open the bar for your guests or pay as you go: Your choice.
Some events call for an open bar, but often times you don’t want to front the bill for your entire group. No problem! We offer a range of bar packages, from drink tickets to open bars by the hour, and can even provide your very own bartender to eliminate wait times at the rail. Whatever your budget, we’ve got a bar package that fits.

3. We allow food from, well, anywhere!
While we do offer in-house catering options for our guests to choose from, we also allow outside food from any licensed establishment. Maybe you want sushi trays from your favorite spot, pizza and wings, a taco bar, or grocery store veggies and dip. All we ask is a receipt from a licensed purveyor, and you can chow down on whatever suits your mood.

4. Our spacious industrial-style taproom will wow your guests
With so many events spaces to choose from, it can be hard to decide what fits your vibe. At RBC, our high ceilings, exposed brick, open brew house, and secluded biergarten provide a unique backdrop to everything from corporate presentations to rehearsal dinners. All styles of decorations look great against our steel beer tanks, rustic wooden picnic tables, and artist-decorated chalk wall. Check out our photo gallery to see how some of our events have come together.

5. Our friendly staff will make your gathering not only effortless, but fun
It’s not easy playing host, so let us do the work for you! Our experienced bar and event manager Brandon will work with you to arrange all aspects of your event, and our bar staff is knowledgeable and attentive. We’re always happy to provide samples and explanations of anything on tap, to put even new craft beer drinkers at ease. If you’d like, we can even add a tour of the brewhouse to your get-together, to add an element of education to the mix.

Bonus: We can bring the beer to you!
If you’d rather hold your shindig in the comfort of your own home, we can bring our portable beer system right to your backyard or event space. In addition to the beer of your choice, we can provide a portable bar and bartender for you and your guests.

While party planning can be a heavy lift, it doesn’t have to be. At RBC, our experienced staff and wealth of options can help you create the wedding of your dreams, the relaxing happy hour your team needs, the best birthday party ever, or even the ideal evening at the bar for you and your friends. Give us a call or email us to discuss what we can do to bring the experience of great beer to your event, today.

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New Video: Resurgence 16-ounce Cans

We think we’re in love. Have you seen our new 16-ounce cans yet? Here’s a nifty little video Big Buffalo Films made for us and we think it’s pretty great! Watch it, fall in love, and look for these babies seasonally in the taproom and on your favorite beer shelves across Western New York.

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Meet Erik: 10 questions with the brewer

Brewer Erik Greiner has been with Resurgence Brewing since the very beginning, and can usually be found hanging out at the end of the bar when he’s not in the brewhouse. We caught up with Erik on some of his history, his favorite beers and ingredients, and his illustrious start in the biz.

RBC: How did you first get started brewing?

Erik Greiner: It all started on a cold night. We were 45 crows past the wind, sailing on the Hanjo through the Southern Pacific. Casualties were at an all-time low but morale seemed to be even lower…oh wrong story. I started homebrewing with my buddy back in college, which sparked a real interest in the whole science behind everything, as well as the desire to make really good beer. The first batch came out awful, which made me even more interested to learn as much as I could so I would never have to make or drink anything like that again.

RBC: What was the first beer you ever brewed? 

EG: The first beer I ever brewed was an all-extract kit for a pale ale. It ended up not being quite pale, or very much an ale either.

RBC: How did you get involved at RBC initially?

The way I got involved in RBC was very lucky actually. I was just finishing up my final semester at Niagara College and it was kind of a “right place, right time” sort of thing. They were finishing up the construction on the building and just putting on the finishing touches when I had my first interview with [head brewer] Dave. My second interview is when I met Jeff [the owner] and the rest is history.

RBC: Do you have a favorite ingredient to work with right now?

EG: At the moment, I don’t really have a favorite ingredient because there are so many coming out every year. One of the hops that I really like to use while brewing is El Dorado.

RBC: What’s your favorite style to brew or drink?

EG: My favorite style of beer to drink is IPAs. They just taste great after a long day of work.

RBC: If you could only drink one beer on RBC’s list for the rest of the year, which one would it be?

EG: It would have to the the Resurgence IPA. It is my go-to every time I can’t make a decision on the 15 beers we usually have on.

RBC: Are there any beers coming up that you’re excited about?

EG: The Citmo has the be the one I am most excited about. The fact that it is coming out in cans too just makes it that much better.

RBC: Do you have any advice for people trying RBC for the first time?

EG: Come in with an open mind and a thirsty attitude and you will not be disappointed. We usually have crazy beers on like kettle sours for the experienced craft drinker and lagers for the not so well-versed.

RBC: What’s your favorite part of working at RBC?

EG: The best part of working here at RBC is the people, for sure. The beer isn’t bad either!

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New can line announcement: Nice cans!

Resurgence Brewing Company will release our new line of 16-ounce cans starting with Irish Breakfast Ale on February 18. The cans will be sold in packs of four for $10 at the taproom, as well as in local retailers wherever our beer is sold.

The new packaging features a sleek, modern design that showcases our signature Buffalo head as a nod to the ongoing Resurgence of the brewing industry in Western New York, and will be filled and distributed from our Niagara Street taproom. Future styles will include Cosmic Truth Session IPA, Lime Berliner Weisse, Citra Mosaic IPA, and Vanilla Cappuccino Ale.

“Demand for new take-home packages, as well as outside the greater Buffalo area continues to grow” owner Jeff Ware said, of the release. “These four-pack cans allow us the opportunity to better meet that need while maintaining our quality specifications. Of course,” he added. “We don’t expect these to get too far!”

The cans will be released in limited quantities both at the brewery and in the market, one style at a time. Release dates will coordinate roughly with holidays and events, starting with Irish Breakfast Ale’s focus on being on the shelves in time for St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Resurgence works with Try-It Distributing and Sanzo Beverage Company Inc. to distribute its beer throughout the greater Western New York area. The new cans will join RBC IPA and Blood Orange Saison on the shelves of local retailers, bars, and restaurants, and will complement seasonal 22-ounce bottle releases as well.