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Craft Beer: Where to Start?

Are you new to craft beer?  Not sure what style is best for you?  Let us help with that!

Starting off strong with sour beers… they are, well, sour!  Sours come in a wide range of sour and flavor profiles. They can range anywhere from pale to dark in color and vary widely in bitterness. The Alcohol by Volume (ABV) can vary greatly as well leaving you with a wide selection even within this one category, but don’t let this intimidate you.  If you like tart, citrusy beverages, or things a little on the fruiter side then give sours a try! Keep in mind, with such a wide variety not all sours are created equal! Sour beers can have a very vinegary tang to them and may be slightly overwhelming for a first timer. If you are just being introduced and want to start off light, choose a Gose. Usually accompanied by fruity flavors, goses are low in bitterness and ABV. Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Come down to the taproom and give one of our sours a try!  If tart is your thing, The Passion Fruit Sour with it’s lemon-like acidic tartness will certainly make you pucker. Our Black Currant Kettle Sour packs a milder punch. With a mix of berry and currant this beer is a healthy dose of sweet and sour.

Starting off with colors, some in the ale rainbow include copper, amber, brown and black (the prettiest rainbow right?).  If you like moderate to slightly more bitter beers, these are for you! The ABV of ales can be low at 4.2% and be high at 7.5%.  The body of the beer can either be mouth coating or on the softer side, depending on what you are drinking. Ales have strong, fruity, more robust flavors with strong bitter tones from the hops used.  With such a wide variety in bitterness, alcohol, and flavor, if you aren’t in love with one ale, you’ll probably fall in love with a different one. Don’t be shy, stop by and try our Vanilla Cappuccino Pumpkin Ale.  It may have pumpkin in the name, but there is nothing “basic” about this fall drink! With a blend of all of your favorite fall spices, vanilla, and coffee flavors with biscuit and caramel notes Van Cap is basically fall in a glass. If that’s not your style, maybe try our Holiday Ale. This seasonal brew is the essence of the Holiday season with robust flavors of cinnamon, toast, and a little teensy bit of nutmeg and ginger.

        Up next in the lineup: IPAs (India Pale Ale).  IPAs are a style of craft beer that is very popular right now.  Newly developed hops bring crazy and exciting flavors to the IPA universe.  Flavors of floral, fruity, citrus-like, piney, or resinous, the world is our oyster!! IPAs can vary in color from golden blonde to more of a strawberry blonde/copper color along with a medium to high bitterness (40-70 IBU).  IPAs also tend to be a little higher in alcohol, so drink responsibly. Also be aware of the DIPA (yes, the D stands for DOUBLE). Double IPAs are VERY bitter with an ABV typically over 7.5%. These beers are the strong, often sweet, intensely hoppy version of the traditional India Pale Ale.  Think of it as an IPA on steroids. Looking for a recommendation? You’ll go head over heels for our Head in the Clouds DIPA. Although soft bodied, our Head in the Clouds’ full body dominated by juicy grapefruit and papaya flavors is deceptively light for its 8.4% ABV. Want to go classic IPA? Resurgence IPA or CitMo IPA, take your pick!  Both are on tap in the brewery year round. Resurgence IPA is a West Coast-style IPA with notes of citrus, grapefruit and pine. Also noticeable in this beer are hints of mango and tropical fruit. Modeled after the “Maine/Vermont” style of IPA, CitMo will smother you with its huge aromatics of pineapple and citrus.


        Calling all stouts!  These mouth coating, no nonsense, creamy, heavenly beers are incredibly dark and almost 100% opaque.  Bitterness is usually on the higher end of the spectrum with a wide ABV range of 6-12%. With a stronger roasty-toasty flavor, stouts can be dry, smooth, and sweet, or strong and bitter.  If you can’t live without chocolate, coffee, peanut-butter, or caramel stouts are the one for you. This brews paired best with chilly fall or winter days hanging out by our outdoor fire pit.  In true Buffalonian fashion, we’ve brewed up a Sponge Candy Stout made from REAL Watson’s Sponge Candy clippings. Not too smoky or sweet, the sponge candy stout is quite a treat! If you like what you taste, try the different imperial variations: Imperial Milk Sponge Candy Stout, Bourbon Barrel Aged Sponge Candy Stout, and Imperial Sponge Candy Stout all available in 22oz bottles.  

        Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder and there is nothing more beautiful than a saison.  Saisons are a slightly hazy, soft bodied beer that can have a golden glow to light amber color.  Just because they’re soft bodied, does not, we repeat does NOT, mean they’re lacking any flavor! Spicy, fruity, and earthy are just a few fun flavors you can expect to find. Saisons tend to have a medium bitterness, and range from 4.4-6.8% ABV.   Come enjoy our Hibiscus Guava Saison on tap! This beer has a floral, fruity, tea-like aroma accompanied by a sweet, berry-like taste. We also have other yearly saisons like Blood Orange and Cucumber. While this light beer is perfect for any summer gathering, it can be enjoyed all year round!

Still have no idea what you might like or don’t understand anything that we just said?  That’s ok, come down to the brewery and chat with our bar staff. With our amazingly knowledgeable crew, you can be sure that we will find the right fit for you!  Don’t be scared, we don’t bite (unless provoked).

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