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If Bills were Beers….

They call it a come back, but we’ve loved them for years!

We buffalonians are full of passion. We love our food : beef on weck, loganberry, sponge candy, buffalo wings, etc. We love our local breweries and distilleries. And we LOVE our sports: baseball, lacrosse, hockey and of course football. Now beer and football is a tale as old as time, but have you ever really thought about how much the bills have in common with beer?

Kelvin Benjamin for example, Buffalo Bills wide receiver. Acquired late in the season, maybe, but an acquired taste he is not! Much like Resurgence Brewing Company’s own Head in the Clouds DIPA, this wide receiver may not appear on the lineup that often, but is still widely loved. During Benjamin’s acquisition he was described as being a welcomed size element and physical presence to the Bills receiving corps. Coming in at a whopping 6’5’’ and 245 lbs, one would definitely have to agree with that statement. Just like this DIPA, Benjamin hits hard, but is deceptively light and finishes clean. With 2,641 career total yards, this “physical presence” is surely deceptively light on his feet.

But thats just one example. What about Bills running back, LeSean McCoy?
McCoy has been on the Bills roster for three seasons now, and just like our Peanut Butter Porter, we hope he never leaves. Calling these two fan favorites is an extreme understatement. Coming in at only 5.5% ABV you might not think this beer is all its hyped up to be, but some might say the same thing about “Shady” at only 5’11’. But we think his record setting 10,092 career total yards is enough to set the record straight. And just like McCoy one minute you see the PB Porter, the next minute its gone.

Then of course there is Bills tightend, Charles Clay. Much like our Bridge Pilsner, Clay is smooth yet complex. The Hallertau Blanc hop used in this Czech Pilsner leaves a lasting impact Bills fans can certainly appreciate. Leading the Bills in receptions last season, Clay has yet to disappoint with another total 49 receptions, 558 yards, and 2 touchdowns so far this season. Just like the Bridge Pilsner, one can never seem to get enough of Charles Clay.

Let us not forget about local hero, Kyle Williams. For 11 years this man has fought as our defensive tackle. He’s a local legend, he’s sweet, he packs a punch, and when the games on the line, he never lets us down. The same could be said for the Buffalo favorite Loganberry Wit. This beer is brewed in the traditional wit style with some mild banana and light fruit esters mixed with a subtle loganberry finish. Just like Kyle Williams crossing the line for a touchdown, when this bright pink beer passes by it turns a lot of heads.

The drought is FINALLY over! Now we celebrate with a drink!

Pick up your favorite Resurgence Brews at your local Wegmans or craft beer store! They’ll make the perfect addition to any playoff party! Or come on down the taproom this Sunday and cheer on the home team as they take on Jacksonville! LETS GO BUFFALO!

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