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Cookies & Beer… just crazy enough to work

Put down the milk, and step away from the Eggnog, its time to pair a different beverage with those holiday cookies; beer. That’s right people, you can have your cookies and a beer too! With this list of cookie and beer pairings we are sure your holiday sweet tooth will be met with a pretty nice buzz:

Irish Breakfast Ale-
This smoked ale is brewed to taste just like your favorite breakfast, aged over coffee and maple syrup for subtle sweetness. Smoked malt adds a side of bacon with some caramel and dark chocolate. At only 5.5% ABV there’s no shame in having more than one!

To pair along side this bubbly breakfast beer, we recommend the Salted Caramel Crunch Cookie. Chunks of caramel blend nicely with the caramel and coffee flavors within the brew, but it is the pecans and sea salt that really amplify the subtle sweetness of the dark chocolate an maple. The mixture of salty and sweet in this cookie makes it the ultimate companion to the Irish Breakfast Ale.

*For those brave souls, one might even consider adding a little candied bacon on top of that glorious cookie.

Holiday Ale-

It’s the holiday season… so naturally you are going to want some Resurgence Holiday Ale! We builtthis particular brew to be the essence of this joyous time of year. You start out with strong cinnamon and toast aromatics balanced with the tiniest bit of nutmeg and ginger. The flavor is not overbearing sweet, but bares a striking resemblance to French toast. With subtle hints of chocolate and caramel to balance the spice this ale is rich enough to cut through those harsh Buffalo winters. And unlike those holiday cookies, the 5.5% ABV won’t have you feeling guilty after you’ve had a few.

What else would be pair with this festive brew but the most classic of holiday cookies; the gingerbread man! The slight notes of nutmeg and ginger make this pairing a no brainer! Add a little vanilla frosting, not just for beauty, but to highlight the sweetness within those “French toast” flavors. Whether building a gingerbread house, or making an army of little men there could simply be no better cookie pairing.

Vanilla Cappuccino Pumpkin Ale –

Some might call this an autumn beer. And although pumpkin may have been labeled the flavor of choice for the harvest season, we see no reason to deprive ourselves of the joy which is the Van Cap. This beer is a mouth full in more ways the one. For one, you nearly run out of breath saying it, but also the robust flavor profile will leave you, undoubtably wanting more. First to the palette rushes the flavors of our signature spice blend, vanilla bean, and roasted coffee. Quickly followed the malty sweetness of caramel and biscuits. With a 7.0% ABV a couple of cookies may be exactly what you need, and if you are really looking to kick things up a notch try the Imperial blend. A pint or two at 13.3% will surely have you buzzing.

A beer such as this is almost made for dessert. A natural pairing for this seasonal brew is that of the pumpkin pie sugar cookie. This tastes treat covers all the basis. The vanilla base of the sugar cookie compliments the strong notes of roasted coffee, while highlighting the flavor forward vanilla bean. The pumpkin spices mix well with our signature blend, balancing the complex flavor profile with the classic taste of pumpkin pie.

Loganberry Wit –

We western New Yorkers love our local flavor, and Loganberry is about as local as you can get. We brew this in a traditional Wit style which gives it some mild banana and light fruit esters which bounce off the hints of Loganberry. For the of you have have never experienced the majesty which is Loganberry…. Prepare to have your life changed. With only a 4.2% ABV you’ll never want to put it down.

To match this semi unconventional beer, we chose a semi unconventional cookie; the raspberry lemon cookie. These ultra soft, sweet yet tangy cookies are the ultimate match for this local beer, and not only because they are both delicious. Loganberry in itself an odd flavor to match. Its sweet and berry-like but more like a raspberry or blackberry rather than strawberry or blueberry. This sweetness however gets combined with the semi-tart flavor of the wit style beer. It is for both these reasons this cookie makes the ultimate pairing. The sweetness of the raspberry highlights the berry-like flavors of the beer, without being overbearing due to the tart balance of the lemon with the wit style tartness.

Sponge Candy Stout – 

The Sponge Candy Stout is another classic among our line up of local flavors. We make this beer using real sponge candy cuttings from the famous Watson’s Chocolates. This addition to the brew gives it a nice toffee and caramel flavor which complements the pale and dark chocolate malts used. With only a 5.5% ABV this beer will surely satisfy without doing you in.

To balance the rich chocolate flavors of this beer, we’ve chosen to pair it with pecan caramel bars. As any good baker, or chocolatier will tell you the secret to chocolate is actually salt. The pecans and club crackers that build the base of these bars work wonders on drawing out the smooth chocolatey flavor. All the while the melted caramel and butter blend pulling forth that iconic sponge candy taste of toffee mixed with caramel, creating the perfect balance.

Coffee Porter –

A dark brown porter with strong hints of chocolate and caramel along with some toasty notes. But thats not all! We also added pounds of specially roasted coffee beans post fermentation. Flavors of caramel and nut mingle with the roasted malts to make a smooth brew. It’s rich sweetness and moderate bitterness makes this a great beer to rejuvenate yourself with, but its light enough to have more! With 5.0% ABV this beer makes the perfect night cap.

The bold, intense flavors of this beer don’t require much embellishment. For this reason we finish off our list with a simple, but elegant pairing; the coffee porter with a shortbread cookie. Shortbread cookies are amongst the classics in terms of holiday cookies, right up there with gingerbread men and frosted cut outs. Buttery, yet sweet these cookies melt into background, pushing forward the caramel and nut notes, while blending smoothly into the forward roasted coffee flavor.

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