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Good Neigh-beers

We’ve all heard the phrase “shop local” or “shop small”. It’s become such a nationally recognized notion that even large corporations like American Express have actually co-opted the term, turning it into national campaigns such as “Small Business Saturday”. The importance of shopping in our local communities is understandable, but what if we took that one step further? What if local businesses were to band together, sourcing their goods and ingredients from other local companies? At Resurgence Brewing Company we try our best to do just that.

Every year Resurgence does its very best to incorporate at least 2 seasonal brews created using locally sourced ingredients. Following that trend, the local brew for this autumn season is our very own Schwarzbier. For those who do not know, a Schwarzbier is also known as the Black Lager, given this name due to its obvious opaque, black color. Where does this dark color come from? Similar to a stout, this German lager is made using roasted malt giving it that deep rich color. With the pleasant roasted flavor and aroma this lager drinks clean and has a nice dry finish. At only 4.2% their is no need to be shy about seconds.

We reached out to our brothers to the east, NY Craft Malt in Batavia to help us with this tastey brew. Turns out they care about local business just as much as we do! All of the malted grains sold by NY Craft Malt are grown in New York State exclusively, and in fact are grown specifically in Western New York!

After we had brewed our Black Lager to delicious perfection we found ourselves sitting on a whole lot of spent grain. Like many of our fellow breweries in the area, instead of simply letting it go to waste, we reached out to the agricultural community and found a handful of farmers near by who were all to happy to collect the grain. These farmers use the second hand malt as feed for their livestock. This system worked out to be mutually beneficial: free food for their livestock, and free malt disposal for us!

Shopping small doesn’t have to simply mean the consumer. Businesses can do their part by sourcing their goods through local businesses, or simply striking mutually beneficial business arrangements. Resurgence Brewing Company is proud to do their part as much as possible through beers such as the Schwarzbier, featured menu items from local restaurants, and even murals created by local artists.   

Stop by and try our Schwarzbier today! On tap now in our taproom. 1250 Niagara Street , Buffalo NY 14213

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