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Five reasons to host your event at RBC

Hosting events can be daunting. There’s a lot to figure out: Where’s the perfect venue? What about food and drink? What’s the right vibe? At Resurgence Brewing Company, we make that process not only easy, but fun. Here are five quick reasons why we’re the perfect place to host your next event, whether it’s a happy hour for your company, a surprise birthday for your friend’s 50th, a wedding rehearsal dinner, or whatever else you’ve got on your social calendar.

1. Our spacious taproom offers a wealth of options
Need room for 20 people? How about 200? We can handle that. At RBC, our hosting options range from reserving a table to renting out the whole space, so we can fully customize all events to your needs. Prices and packages vary, and our event manager will be happy to help you decide what fits you best.

2. Open the bar for your guests or pay as you go: Your choice.
Some events call for an open bar, but often times you don’t want to front the bill for your entire group. No problem! We offer a range of bar packages, from drink tickets to open bars by the hour, and can even provide your very own bartender to eliminate wait times at the rail. Whatever your budget, we’ve got a bar package that fits.

3. We allow food from, well, anywhere!
While we do offer in-house catering options for our guests to choose from, we also allow outside food from any licensed establishment. Maybe you want sushi trays from your favorite spot, pizza and wings, a taco bar, or grocery store veggies and dip. All we ask is a receipt from a licensed purveyor, and you can chow down on whatever suits your mood.

4. Our spacious industrial-style taproom will wow your guests
With so many events spaces to choose from, it can be hard to decide what fits your vibe. At RBC, our high ceilings, exposed brick, open brew house, and secluded biergarten provide a unique backdrop to everything from corporate presentations to rehearsal dinners. All styles of decorations look great against our steel beer tanks, rustic wooden picnic tables, and artist-decorated chalk wall. Check out our photo gallery to see how some of our events have come together.

5. Our friendly staff will make your gathering not only effortless, but fun
It’s not easy playing host, so let us do the work for you! Our experienced bar and event manager Brandon will work with you to arrange all aspects of your event, and our bar staff is knowledgeable and attentive. We’re always happy to provide samples and explanations of anything on tap, to put even new craft beer drinkers at ease. If you’d like, we can even add a tour of the brewhouse to your get-together, to add an element of education to the mix.

Bonus: We can bring the beer to you!
If you’d rather hold your shindig in the comfort of your own home, we can bring our portable beer system right to your backyard or event space. In addition to the beer of your choice, we can provide a portable bar and bartender for you and your guests.

While party planning can be a heavy lift, it doesn’t have to be. At RBC, our experienced staff and wealth of options can help you create the wedding of your dreams, the relaxing happy hour your team needs, the best birthday party ever, or even the ideal evening at the bar for you and your friends. Give us a call or email us to discuss what we can do to bring the experience of great beer to your event, today.

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